am 28.9 und 29.9 findet eine besondere Trunk-Show in der Goldschmiede 5Stern statt - kommt gerne vorbei und lasst euch inspirieren vom italienischen Design.

Step into the exquisite world of jewelry design

Our passion for jewelry is what makes us InJewels. We want to show the world that access to extravagant, luxurious jewelry can be incredibly simple and straightforward – and we not only see this as our duty, but our calling. We love to accompany our customers on their travels and lend a hand in their quest to find the perfect piece of jewelry.

Necklace by Majoral

Necklace By InJewels

Earrings by InJewels

Bracelet by Majoral

Necklace by Brusi

Necklace by InJewels

Bracelet by InJewels

Necklace by Brusi

Necklace by Jac

self-expression with the desire to do something good

We love jewelry! And it was our shared passion for intriguing, exceptional, one-of-a-kind jewelry that prompted us to create InJewels. The world of jewelry designers and goldsmiths is brimming with talent, and many of these skilled artisans never receive the attention they deserve. We want to give these designers a platform, because we believe that jewelry offers the wearer a unique opportunity to express themselves authentically. Although jewelry is purely a luxury item, it also serves as an extension of your own personal expression, accentuating your own unique character and charm. For us, combining this basic need for self-expression with the desire to do something good is a match made in heaven. Our exclusive blend of luxury and environmental awareness is designed to give everyone the opportunity to wear their story proudly on their sleeves: luxury without guilt – and good consciences all round.